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W/C 25.1.21

Hello everybody and welcome to a brand new week of remote learning!


We are now using Teams as our learning platform so hopefully all of you have managed to log into your teams accounts and seen/uploaded your work to the assignments page.


I am super proud of all of you for being so adaptable and coping with this very new way of learning. It has been a whole new way of teaching too for the teaching staff and we are hoping you are finding it helpful. We know at home it can be tricky learning, so always remember to be kind, try your best and be proud of yourselves for how much you have achieved in the last couple of weeks.


You will see we have added a 'Wellbeing Wednesday'. We have included this to make sure you are all having time away from screens and using your body in different ways. I have popped an art and PE activity on for you to complete on Wednesday but if you have a bit of craft you would like to do (in line with our dinosaur topic!) please feel free to get creative.


I hope you are all managing to see the feedback I am giving, it has been so much fun looking at all of your work. Keep uploading your work in the assignments area for me to share with the adults at school too.


The Remote Learning Grid with links is attached to files in the Key Stage 2 teams group but will also be sent out via ParentMail on Monday morning. 


Have a fantastic week everyone,


Miss Chard

Remote Learning Grid - The document with the links to the Teams meeting will be sent out via ParentMail and can be found in the 'files' section on Teams.

Most of you are accessing the live lessons with Miss Chard each day. However, just in case you miss it (or need a little recap) the link for the WhiteRose videos are below. 


Year 4/5 

Monday - and non-unit fractions) 

Tuesday - (What is a fraction?) 

Wednesday - (Equivalent fractions) 

Thursday - fractions) 


Year 6 

Monday - (Ordering fractions, decimals and percentage) 

Tuesday - (Percentage of an amount) 

Wednesday - (Percentage of an amount) 

Thursday - (Missing values) 

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