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Term 2

The Nest discovers - Dinosaur Roar!

Friday 10th November 2023

Team Nest really are dino-mite!


Did you know? A dinosaur's brain is the size of a lime! That means dinosaurs are not very bright.


The same definately cant be said for the children in The Nest! We have been writing with set 3 RWI sounds, created dinosaur shape poems, used our number bond and addition knowledge to add big numbers. We learnt about what dinosaurs like to eat and had a go at drawing a cartoon diplodocus, following instructions to create pictures that children were really proud of!


Today, we spent time remembering and thinking about soldiers and thanked them for keeping us safe by joining the whole school assembly and two minute silence at 11 o'clock. The children were very respectful, and even had a photo taken with some real soldiers afterwards.


We can't wait to see what next week will bring in the dinosaurs Nest!

Friday 3rd November 2023

We have really hit the ground running this term... From dinosaurs! The children have already learnt lots of dinosaur names and facts, such as, did you know?:

  • A Triceratops was so large, it would fill the whole Nest classroom! (We know, we measured it)
  • A Pterodactyl wasn't really a dinosaur.. It was a flying reptile. (Although it was related to the dinosaurs)
  • The word dinosaur means 'Giant Lizard' in Greek. (I wonder why...)

Stand by for more fascinating facts next week!


The children have had lots of discussions about the dinosaurs and created lots of different pieces of art. The photo shows our own dinosaur designs, where we pretended to be Palaeontologists who had discovered a new dinosaur. Some children have even spent time at home researching the Loch Ness Monster, to test the theory that it is really a dinosaur that still survives.


We are very excited to discover even more about the dinosaurs next week, and to welcome a new friend into The Nest.

Friday 3rd November 2023

Yes, that's right, two updates from Team Nest this week!

Although our topic is dinosaurs, and we have learnt so much already, we also had to squeeze in some fun learning around Halloween on Tuesday, and Firework Night this weekend.


For Halloween, the children made skeleton bones in cooking, carved their own pumpkin, practicing safe knife skills for messy play, and made ghost lanterns to be seen when out Trick or Treating.

Today, we spent some time thinking about how to be safe on firework night, why we celebrate it, and made our own glittery firework display pictures.

Term 1

The Nest create Magic and Mischief!

Friday 13th October


Who said lessons start to wind down at the end of term? Team Nest have been busier than ever this week!


The children completed their work on The Magic Paintbrush, retelling the story in their own words, or adapting the story to their own version. We also finished our maths module about fact families and related numbers.


In addition to this, all the children showed great progress in their end of term assessments, with everyone levelling up in reading!


As if this wasn't enough, we have made mechanisms in topic, made mess in messy play (of course), made predictions in science and even played wizard sports to show sportsmanship. Oh, and we joined the rest of the school for indoor/outdoor learning day on Wednesday.


I think, everyone in Team Nest has earned a well deserved half term break! Have a great time off and see you in term 2!

Friday 6th October 2023

Isn't it amazing how the more we practice something, the better we get at it? Some might say, it's magic!


The children in the nest have been working hard all term, practising their reading, maths, spellings and times tables, and are becoming so much more confident along the way.


We have been looking at the story of The Magic Paintbrush this week. Some of the children have written their own version of the story, while others have been improving their sentence writing. In maths we have explored how knowing our ten times tables and number bonds can make using big numbers magically more simple and that tens relates back to ones. We also tried painting with our own magic paintbrushes and made colour changing play dough.


Well done Team Nest, another busy and fun week!

Friday 22nd September 2023

The magic (and mischief) has continued this week in the Nest. We have been thinking of ways to use magic for good, like in our story 'The magic porridge pot.' Then some of the children practiced their adjectives to come up with their own potions and spells to help people.


In maths, we have finished our work on number lines, going up to really big numbers, and moved on to place value, which involves even more big numbers!


We also had the chance to make our own overflowing porridge pots to recreate the story, and made edible, stretchy porridge in messy play.


Stand by for some mischief next week!

Friday 15th September 2023


The Nest have really embraced their topic this term, which is Magic and Mischief.


We made magic wands out of sticks and chocolate. The stick wands really made the feathers float, and the chocolate ones were delicious! This week, we have been learning all about Winnie the Witches house, and how what we do can affect others. Our sentence writing is magically improving with adjectives and Wizard Toby Two has helped us to learn our two times tables!


And, of course, Mrs Minns got up to some mischief with the children during messy play, magically changing the colours of things!

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