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Our Little Ospreys Graduates ๐Ÿ‘จ‍๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍๐ŸŽ“

Term 6 Week 6


This week we have followed the children's interests by doing a pirate and mermaid week which, followed on from our shark topic last week. The children have been enjoying matching treasure coins to the correct numbers and playing with the under the sea Jelly- bath, which is always a huge success.   

Our highlight of the week has got to have been the Pirate & Mermaid day, where the children have been making treasure chests, telescopes, and glittery mermaids using gems and jewels. This was a very popular dress up day and enjoyed by all children.


Outside with Miss Davey, the children made a pirate ship, with a walk the plank area leading straight to the waiting mermaids in the sea.

Our week will be finished off with baking with Miss Davey where the children will be making under the sea cookies.

Term 6 Week 5 

Our theme this week has been the story Shark in the Park. The book is about a boy called Timothy Pope who has a brand new telescope and he is testing it out at the park and he thinks he can spot a shark through it. The reader sees what Timothy sees through cut out spy holes and can decide if they think he is right when he cries ‘There’s a shark in the park! It is an illustrated rhyming fun story which is great to join in with and talk about. The nest team kindly allowed us to use lots of their different shark toys where the children could play with them in the blue under the sea messy play area. They have also been making shark footprints with Mrs Minns and Mrs Robinson has been teaching them about the different kind of sharks, their names and facts about them. Wednesday saw our children take part in the schools sports day where they were eagerly waiting to race after practicing all term and I heard they did amazing, even with some running to their parents. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and fingers crossed for sunshine.

Our Ocean! ๐ŸŒŠ

Term 6 Week 4


The last few weeks has seen lots of new starters at Little Ospreys so firstly I'd  like to say a big welcome to Ivy, Arthur, Katie, Cristian and Tyson we are so pleased you joined us and look forward to watching and helping you grow. This week we have been looking at the countryside we live in and how different it is to a busy built up town. On Monday we went on forage around the school to find lots of leaves, flowers and plants to create some pictures using their imagination to create some brilliant art work. We had a crocodile, police car, and George did a portrait of his Mum which was brilliant. The latter part of the week saw us take part in International Mud Day, where we had a mud make up station, created lots of paintings with mud, made muddy footprints and lots of mud pies and cakes.

Term 6 Week 3


The Little Ospreys children have had a very creative week. We started the week by making our own rainforest tree by using big paper tubes. The children were practicing strengthening their hands by squashing and squeezing the paper to create the leaves of the tree. Alice and Olivia were in charge of creating the vines and long branches.

On Tuesday we had a wonderful time at our drumming experience. The children were all engaged and enthusiastic using their instruments. We met Ollie who was telling us the different names of the drums. He told us about the snare drum, surdoes drums and agogo bells. The children were doing fast and slow movements and they were learning about the different pitches and tempo of the instruments too. Then they took it in turns to have a go at the different types of drums.

We have made an Emerald Cookoo bird footprint, using a lovely shimmering paint and the children found it very funny at me painting their foot.

They have also finished their orangutang pictures and started to make an Anaconda out of a paper plates.

We have then finished the week off celebrating International Fairy Day where we have all come dressed as fairies, made fairy cakes to eat and enjoyed making fairy messy play, by grating soap, adding toilet paper, water and fairy coloured food colouring.

Term 6 Week 1 & 2


The final term of the school year has seen us introduce our theme 'It's a wonderful World' and the first two weeks have been the Rainforest. In hall time we did one of Andy's Rainforest Workout Adventures and during the adventure the children were taken on a trek into the deep rainforest in search of an orangutan. Along the way we swung through the trees with some spider monkeys and danced with manakin birds. The children have been making rainforests using playdough, foliage,  branches from trees and learning about all the different animals that live there. They have been repeating patterns on snakes in maths and using pegs and lollipop sticks for our maths challenge where the children used resources to create a building and made numbers, binoculars and fences. We have also done one of the children's favourite activities, Write Dance. We listened to the music and the children closed their eyes to guess what animals they could hear. They then got messy doing lots of gross and fine motor movements, mixing the colours together which created a very good rainforest colour. This week the children have been getting very creative making rocket fathers day cards, drawing around shapes, cutting them out to then make the rocket shape. The children will end the week making ginger bread men as a gift for the special men in their lives ready for Sunday.

Rainforest Write Dance

Term 5 Week 6


Continuing our London topic, this week the children have been learning about Paddington Bear, and how he arrived in London from Peru. The children have been looking at the map seeing where he is from and learned the reason why the Brown family called him Paddington. The children have learned about Paddington's love for marmalade sandwiches and his dear friend Mr Gruber. The children made their own suitcase by folding paper, stapling it together then painting it brown like Paddington Bear's. We are then going on our own adventure, making marmalade sandwiches and putting them in their handmade suitcase and having a picnic in the forest school. In maths the children have been continuing to learn the number rhymes and the quantities of them too. We have enjoyed the beautiful weather this week, spending most of our time outside doing lots of mark making, colouring and name writing, enjoying all of this on the new table and bench which was kindly donated. We have been gardening carrying out lots of weeding, watering the plants and cleaning away all the blossom. We hope you all have a lovely half term break and the warm weather continues. Little Ospreys team.  

Term 5 Week 5


The week has seen us looking at London Transport. The children have learnt about the underground in London and all the different coloured lines to identify the tracks and the big red buses and the black cabs. The children had a go at creating their own buses with different shaped windows. The children have been learning facts about the Buckingham Palace, how many rooms, bathrooms and maids there are. We have had lots of outdoor learning with the children in particular enjoying the loose parts, creating a carriage and myself and Olivia being the King & Queen and the children being our maids. During keyworker time the children were given a number, then had to fill the red bus with the same numbered passengers. They had to stop at the bus stop drop some passengers off to leave less passengers on their bus. This was a great activity for the children to recognise number as a quantity, adding and taking away to change the number of passengers on the bus.  

Term 5 Week 4


 The children have been learning about the resident ravens of The Tower of London and made their own ravens. Our older children had a fantastic keyworker time learning their six names Jubilee, Harris, Poppy, Georgie, Edgar, and Branwen. The children had the opportunity to write these and also think of other things beginning with the same initial sound. For our baking this week we are making scones and then having a cream tea. We built towers using marshmallows and spaghetti and had a shape hunt in the classroom. The children really enjoyed the activity. They have made fantastic London skyline silhouette pictures using a template, black card, and chalk, this gave the children a great opportunity to learn more about the iconic London landmarks

Term 5 Week 3


A very busy but short week due to the bank holiday but we hit the ground running on Tuesday by having another fantastic swimming lesson with all children showing more and more confidence. The week has seen the children learning about The Tower of London and how legend states that the Kingdom and the tower will fall if the six resident ravens ever leave. The children have been very busy using our wooden bricks and Duplo blocks to create their own tower of London and tower bridge, being very creative to make the most magnificent structures. 

We have then been learning about the secure room that holds the crown jewels and that cameras are not allowed inside. 
With this the children have made their own crowns to be on display for you all to vote for your favourite one in Fridays assembly. We have been also been making King Charles portraits and red, white and blue hand print bunting to be on display whilst we enjoy our Coronation picnic on Friday. 

Making Bridges 

The Children's Coronation Creations

Term 5 Week 2


The week began with us introducing our weekly topic of The Great Fire of London, the children have been busy making fire pictures and tudor houses just like that on Pudding Lane in 1666.
We then took part in Beep Beep Day on Wednesday. It is a day to teach young children the importance of road safety and help parents, carers and the wider community understand how to protect children on roads. With this, we went on a little road safety walk around the village, learning how to cross roads safely and the importance of holding hands when crossing roads and the importance of car seats and wearing seat belts when in vehicles. 
Our baking time saw us making bread, just like Tomas the Baker before his bakery caught on fire and destroyed lots of houses in the street. We then got to taste the bread we made and have yummy sandwhiches with a filling of their choice.

Term 5 Week 1


Hello and welcome back to Term 5. We hope you've had a wonderful break with your families. Spring is definitely in the air and our flowers that we planted before we broke up are in full bloom in the garden. 

The first week back has seen us welcome Vincent to our class and he's settled in perfectly and particularly enjoyed his first swimming session with us.

The week has seen the children learning about St George's Day. It's a day when people celebrate the Christian Saint George, who is also the patron saint of England. The children have learned the tale of how he saved a village by getting rid of the horrible dragon who nearly took the princess.

The children have been creative, making shields with the St Georges cross on and dragon paper plates. The children had a fantastic swimming lesson showing how much their confidence has grown and moving through the water independently using noodles. They are learning that the better they use their kicking legs,  the easier they move through the water.

Term 4 Week 6


The term has ended with all things easter and the children have enjoyed some Easter themed crafts along with an egg hunt. The children have been busy making easter cards and chick hats for our assembly on Friday which I am sure you will love. 

This term has been a super busy one, which started with the children learning about recycling and reusing which we have done by turning some milk bottles into flowerpots. We have continued this by having a new bin for our classroom food waste, which we empty every day in to our compost bin along with recycling all our other recyclable items going into their own bins.  We then went onto lifecycles and a visit to the local nature reserve at Egelton to do bug hunting and pond dipping. We have also been looking at plants and vegetables, and starting to grow vegetables in our very own section of school allotment. Rutland nurseries kindly donated lots of flowers and we have planted them all around school grounds to brighten the place up.

Easter Crafts

๐Ÿฃ Our Spring Chickens ๐Ÿฃ

Trip to Egleton 

Term 4 Week 5 


Our week has seen the children learning the life cyle of a chicken. Once the chick has hatched and dried, it is covered in a soft, fuzzy down and within a few weeks as the chick grows, it will develop it's adult feathers. In 4-6 months the chicken will be fully grown. Hens will begin producing eggs around 5-6 months of age and the cycle can begin again.
The children got very creative, making their own picture of the lifecycle, using their hand prints as the hen, crumpled paper as the nest and potato printing for the cracked egg shell and the fluffy chick. We spoke about eggs and that we can eat them so I showed them a raw egg and cracked it open to see what was inside. We chatted about what they looked like cooked and the children peeled an egg of their own and then had the chance to try and eat a lovely hard boiled egg.

On Tuesday we had a very generous donation of lots of flowers from Rutland Nurseries, so this meant we were able to get busy making our milk bottle flower pots. The lovely weather has seen us spend most of the week outside and the children got to choose which flower they'd like in their milk bottle and attach it to the fence. 

Egg Cracking 

Term 4 Week 4 


Firstly, I would like to start by saying thank you to all our parents that came to see us for parents evening Monday and Tuesday. I know in Little Ospreys we have an open-door policy and see most of you every day, but it was lovely to see you come along and join in your children's successes. 

This week is National Science Week and the children have been learning lots about the life cycle of plants. The children learned that the plant life cycle consists of four stages; seed, sprout, small plant, and adult plant. 

They then began learning about the journey of vegetables from the field to fork. This activity introduced the children to and highlighted the key stages of growing, harvesting, shopping, preparing, cooking and eating, connecting how foods grow and how they end up on our dinner plates. 

The children were given the opportunity to explore their sense of taste by trying four different tasting foods. We had sweet, sour, bitter and salty. I explained to the children how our senses help us figure out what's going on around us and help to decide whether to enjoy or not an experience: our eyes help us see, our ears let us hear, our hands help us feel, our noses let us smell, and our tongues help us taste things.

Our final experiment has seen the children make a volcano with Mrs Minns and by using an empty bottle, mod roc and some other ingredients created the volcano shape. We then painted it ready for our volcano eruption experiment on Friday. 

In between these fantastic science opportunities, the children have been making a wonderful Mother’s Day card, and have planted some sunflower seeds as a gift to you. 

We hope all our wonderful Mums have a restful time and a very happy Mothers Day from the Little Ospreys Team. 

Volcano Experiment

Term 4 Week 3 


๏ปฟThe week started off with the children being introduced to different habitats. Habitats are places where animals and plants live. The plants and animals in a habitat need each other to survive. The children had to sort the animals out into their correct habitat, be that the arctic, desert, rainforest, woodland, sky or sea. We then reflected on the different habitats we have in and around our school and the animals they think may live there. 

The children have been very creative making a different animal/bug from one of the said habitats. We had lizards, parrots and spiders and their webs so far.

The children have been planting some seeds and hopefully a sunflower will soon be sprouting for a very special day for our Mummy's coming soon. 

Our Write Dance this week was taken outside, using the lovely snowfall, they created lots of circles and gross motor movements. Our hall time saw the children moving in and around the hall flying like butterflies, wriggling like worms, crawling spiders and jumping frogs and moving around on their knees whilst flapping their arms (wings) being ladybirds.



Snowy Write Dance 

Term 4 Week 2


Another week has whizzed by again and we have welcomed another new little girl Myra to our wonderful class. She has settled in fantastically and got straight to exploring our continuous provisions. I think swimming was the highlight of herweek, as the smile never left her face. 

The children have been learning about life cycles and the development and growth that happens with frogs and butterflies in particular. The children have been using paper plate, egg boxes and bubble wrap to make their own version of the life cycle of a frog.

The children’s  maths challenge was to create a caterpillar using bottle tops. The children then had to count how many bottle tops they had used then find the matching number. 

1st of March saw us celebrating St David's Day where the children watched a bbc short clip on St David and why the Welsh celebrate this day, and  learned a few welsh words also. They made daffodils with Mrs Robinson and made delicious Welsh cakes with Miss Davey

Leapfrog Numbers

Term 4 Week 1


Our weekly topic is recycling, reuse, and composting. The children have learned about how to recycle our waste within the class by looking at where we should be putting our waste. We have created a mixed recycling bin and we have also made a food waste bin. The children have learned how we are going to make compost from all our unwanted food, leaves, and garden waste. During keyworker time, we have been sorting through some of the rubbish and putting the different items into the correct recycling baskets depending on whether it was paper and card, glass, tins, and plastic.
We then read a beautiful story called 'Don't throw that away' where we were following an eco-conscious super hero that teaches children how to recycle and reuse common household items! This led to the children using their imagination to choose a used recycled item and make and create something different to use again.

Term 3 Week 6 



Our final week of term three has been as busy as ever. We have enjoyed a brilliant swimming lesson and our children are growing in confidence, with most children having a go at jumping in the pool from the sitting position and learning to move through the water using the noodles and fantastic kicking legs. Our Hall time this week was learning how to jump off higher obstacles, crawl through tunnels trying to stay on their bellies, balance on the wooden beams and using the sensory steppingstones which enables them to improve their balance and coordination. We have also had our weekly write dance and baking scrummy food with Miss Davey. We have had some excellent worker time with the Ten Green Bottles song being a favourite of the children.


We hope you all have a fantastic, yet restful half term and enjoy your time together. If you would like to share any fun activities you get up to in the half term, please upload pictures and comments to tapestry as we would love to see it.


Term 3 Week 5


Our theme this week has been Lifeguards and the brilliant job they do to keep us safe around water. On our swimming day, it was a great opportunity to see if the children knew who our lifeguard was, what they do to help us and the rules around the pool. I discussed about not going into any pool without a grown up, and the dangers of rivers and the sea. I told the children they always had to be with their parents or a grown up. Later that afternoon we revisited the pool and I introduced all the equipment lifeguards use to keep everyone safe. The children then excitedly watched whilst I rescued Mrs Minns using the pole. We then went back to class and the children coloured in their own lifegaurds thinking about the bright colours they wear so we know who they are.

We have also been looking at the different coloured flags and the meaning behind them when at the beach and when it is safe to swim or not. 

With the colour of the pool and sea in mind we did a brilliant, yet messy rocking boat Write Dance. The song gave the children the oppurtunity to make movements, shapes, wiggly waves and rocking boat movements. 

Term 3 Week 4


Happy Chinese New Year everyone and 2023 is the year of the rabbit. The children have been learning about a story of a race that was organised by the Jade Emperor, one of the most important gods in traditional Chinese religion. The Emperor invited all the animals in the world to take part. Twelve species turned up at the start line: a pig, dog, rooster, monkey, sheep, horse, snake, dragon, rabbit, tiger, ox and rat. As a reward for turning up, the Emperor named a year in the zodiac after each one and the race would determine the order each animal would be placed. 


The children have also been making their own paper cup dragons along with trying our hand at some Chinese dragon dancing in our hall time. We have been continuing with our topic of helpful people and had lots of firefighters around the class, putting out fires and helping rescue animals stuck in trees. The children have been enjoying making junk model fire engines, using egg cartons for the fire truck, bottle tops for wheels and painting them red and black

 Our Chinese Lanterns

Miss Davey's Delicious Delicacies


Term 3 Week 3 


Another busy week in Little Ospreys with lots of learning. We started the week off introducing Veterinarians and their job and how they help animals. Mrs Robinson kindly brought in lots of stuffed animals for our children to become Vets and vetinary nurses, making notes and giving them lots of mark making oppurtunities. We then had a wonderful Write Dance session in the hall doing lots of gross motor movements to music then moving on to fine motor skills creating lots of swirls on paper.
The children have also been making their own paper plate pets, using paint initially then lots of paper and different materials to create the pets of their choice.

Term 3 Week 1 & 2


Hello, the first week and a half has flown by already and seen us welcome a couple of new starters, Zachary and Artem who have settled into Little Ospreys superbly. Our topic this term is 'Helpful People' and we have been reading the story Topsy and Tim go to the Doctors. We have had lots of Doctors and nurses around the class making us all better and fixing our bumps and broken bones. One of our key worker time sessions was to get the children to use their imagination to create a story. Stories have so much to offer as they develop listening,  communication skills, improve concentration and memory. This brings experiences to life and creates a sense of wonder.
I asked each child to think of a character, who they were, and what was their name. Then, I asked if the character visited the doctors or hospital and if so, what was wrong with them. Each child was given time to think and process the question before responding and I helped, when needed, to extend their imaginative thinking. They came up with some fantastic stories.


Making Stethoscopes

Term 2 Week 7


We have had a fun exciting final week in Little Ospreys' class. We had our swimming party on Tuesday and the children were very pleased to see Mrs Jones who kindly joined us for that, and we all had so much fun splashing around in the pool. Following that was our joint Christmas Party with Puffins class, where Mrs Major provided all the lovely food for us to enjoy and we really do appreciate her generosity and time. On Wednesday was our brilliant whole school Christmas Dinner where we all wore our festive clothes and enjoyed lunch in the hall which was a very joyous occasion. At the end of the week, we enjoyed a cold frosty forest walk outside and lots of Christmas activities indoors including baking biscuits.
Mrs Robinson and I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope you enjoy the break.

Baking Biscuits

Term 2 Week 6


The week has seen us practicing for our Snowy Chums Nativity for you all to enjoy at end of the week. We've also been doing dress rehearsals for the school community too.
In swimming, the children have really improved their water confidence so I thought it was time to start them on the noodles and learning how to kick their legs and holding the correct body position. They did so well and you could see the happiness on their faces when they realised they could move across the pool by themselves.
Mrs Robinson has been busy with the children by writing their letters to Santa (saying what they'd like then drawing a picture) ready to send to the north pole.
They have also been creative making Christmas cards and reindeer hot chocolate with marshmallows to enjoy over Christmas half term.
We hope you all have enjoyed our Nativity and have a lovely weekend

Frosty Friday Funday

Term 2 Week 5


The festive season has landed in our classroom making it even more magical than usual.
We started the week with the children decorating our tree and classroom, then made our very own Advent Calendar ready for the 1st of December. We counted how many days there was in school before we break up which was 16, so the children then set about writing those numbers on the 16 envelopes. The most exciting part was putting chocolates in the envelopes then sealing them ready to start on Thursday.

We have enjoyed reading the Stickman story by Julia Donaldson as he encourages children to never give up. Stick Man never gives up on his dream to get back to his family and he finds help from a very festive person. The children have been enjoying making their own Stick Men out of the playdough, sticks and googly eyes.

Forest School

Term 2 Week 4



This week we continued our Australian theme and have been learning all about the Great Barrier Reef. We have discovered many of species of fish live there and that it is the largest coral reef on Earth. The children watched a lovely video of Andy's Wild Adventure where he took us to the bottom of the reef teaching us lots of facts about it and the animals that live there. This led nicely into our keyworker time, where we were working on our numbers.  I went over the numbers 1-4 and the number rhymes that goes with them. With this, we sharpened our magic pencils to draw the numbers in the air and saying the number rhymes again. The children were then given a shell with spots on and had to match the right number of pegs to the number of spots. The children used lots of number language and practiced counting the number sequence 1-10. The children showed great perseverance when it got trickier when given shells with more spots. This activity also helped strengthen their hands when placing the pegs onto the shells.

We ended the week by watching the film Finding Nemo and the adventures he took whilst riding the East Australian Current to find his way home.


 Making Boomerangs

Forest School Fun

Term 2 Week 3


This week we have introduced the country Australia to the children.  We showed them on a map where it is and how far away it is and that you need to go on a plane for a long time to visit. We showed some Australian animals models and have been learning their names and little facts about all of them, which they have thoroughly enjoyed. This made our weekly story "The Koala Who Could" very enjoyable and they listened with excitiment. Its a about a Koala called kevin who likes to keeep things the same, but sometimes change comes along whether we like it or not... but as Kevin discovers, if you step outside your comfort zone and try new things, you might just enjoy it. The children have been very creative making newspaper Koalas and Didgeridoos. In hall time the children were learning how to move like Australian animals. They had to run like an Emu, waddle like a penguin, jump like a wallaby, climb like a lizard, hop like a kangaroo, fly in a circle like a cockatoo, march sideways like a crab, crawl like a wombat, wriggle like a snake and roll around like a dingo. After all that, finally calming it right down and becoming a seal sleeping in the sun. This was a fantastic dance and movement activity for the children.
A very busy week in Little Ospreys so we hope you have a lovely rest over the weekend.

Term 2 Week 2


Our theme this week is Armistice Day. We have enjoyed a wonderful story called A Tin Soldier originally wrote by Hans Christian Andersen. The story is about Tom who is delighted when he recieves a box of tin soldiers for his birthday, and how one of the soldiers has one leg. This soldier goes on a paper boat adventure, however comes back to marry the one he loves, the paper ballerina. We have also been making our own paper boats and put our own soldiers in to see they sank or floated. The children have been creating a poppy suncatcher. The children were given a poppy template and their job was to cut see through red and green plastic to fit the template to create the suncatcher. This can be a tricky activity sometimes, needing lots of strength and hand/eye coordination. They tried really hard and never gave up and created some fantastic poppies. 

Our Handprint Poppies

Term 2 Week 1


Hello and welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely, restful half term. Our week began with us celebrating Diwali the Hindu festival of light. Mrs Robinson introduced Diwali to the children, and told the story of how Rama went to save his wife. When saved, both Rama and Sita began their journey home, with people lighting lamps to help them on their way. Today, people light lamps called diyas at Diwali to celebrate good triumphing over evil and light winning over darkness. During halltime we had a fantastic time learning how to do Diwali Dancing, albeit very tiring. We have also been learning about Bonifre night and why we have Bonfires everyear. We watched a lovely video on childrens newsround explaining about being safe around bonfires and to always have fun but be safe. The children are really enjoying learning the bonfire counting song, with the names of the different fireworks and the sounds they make.

Pumpkin Fun

Term 1 Week 7


Another fun packed busy week for our final week this term. In circle time we have been learning the months of the year song, looking at when our birthdays are, then creating our birthday board within the class. It is so nice to see the children get very excited when they hear the month October during the song, recognising it is this month, as we say the date every day during our morning routine. We have been playing a very enjoyable environmental sounds listening game, where children match the sound to the picture. The children are getting much better at this each time we play. Our story this week is Ten Little Dinosaurs, and the children have been learning to count up to ten, then backwards to one. This then led to the children getting the Dinosaur facts sheets where it tells you the length and height of them. I went and got a 1m measuring stick to show and draw the length of the Pterodactyl, and its wingspan. We then did the height and length of the Stegosaurus. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to hear lots of language of size and see just how big the dinosaurs were.

Our Birthday Board

Term 1 Week 6


It has been a fantastic week in Little Ospreys starting off with our new story Dinosaurs love Underpants. The children have enjoyed designing their own underpants to put on our dinosaur template, and some parents had the opportunity to do this with their child during the stay and play. Our stay and play session was very successful and it was so nice for parents to join in and see the activities and fantatsic learning that goes on in the class. We've seen the children create a brilliant police car in our outdoor loose parts area and the sand pit was turned into a cafe, where pies and chips were being made. It's so lovely to see our children having lots of imaginative play and creative thinking.

Term 1 Week 5


Wow! Another busy week in Little Ospreys. We have had a fun filled week with swimming, hall time and practicing our Harvest Festival Song, practicing on Thursday and Friday morning with the rest of the school loving our performance, so im sure you'll enjoy as it too.
We have continued our theme of 'All about me' with our story being Night Night and the children have had the oppurtunity to talk about their bedtime rountines, favourite story book and how their bedrooms look. The children then had the chance to draw their bedrooms using the interactive whiteboard. We talked about the colours of their bedroom, carpets, bedding and toys in their room. One child said they have bunk beds with him sleeping on top and his brother on the bottom. George then told us about his dinosaur bedding which is great because we've done lots of dinosaur activities over the term.

Term 1 Week 4


๏ปฟThe week has been another busy one with the children enjoying thier weekly swimming and hall time. Our weekly story is Dinosaurs in the Supermarket. This story led into our circle time, where we took turns on our talking telephone and told everyone who they go to the supermarket with and what do they buy? We also said what their favorite thing to eat from the supermarket is. We had lots of interesting conversations and some very interesting food choices but it was a great  opportunity for the children to share their opinions, likes and wants. After, we made our own shopping list got the items and made sandwiches.

Sandwich Making

Term 1 Week 3


Hello and a very warm welcome to our new Little Ospreys team member Mrs Robinson and her son Milo and a new girl Belle who also started this week. We hope you enjoy your time in our wonderful class. This week has seen us doing lots of circle and hall time on prepostions where we've used dinosaurs to be on top of, under, behind and infront of different objects and we have also used ourselves to practice this too. 

The children enjoyed messy fun with Mrs Robinson, mixing paint on the tables and learning how we make different colours. 

The children have been learning the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song and moves ready for the whole school Harvest Festival Assembly later in the term. 

Term 1 Week 2


The week has seen the start of our swimming, hall time and daily circle time. Swimming seemed to be the highlight for the children. In circle time, there was the oppurtunty to talk about school and their favourite things to play with in Little ospreys. We have also talked about our carpet rules and have enjoyed making pictures to hang on the wall. The children have been very creative making their self portaits to hang in the gallery and after, we got to speak about our features such as haircolour and eyes and shape of our faces.

Dough Disco

Term 1 Week 1

Hello and a very warm welcome back and I hope you have had a wonderful summer.

What a lovely couple of days we have had in Little Ospreys this week. The children have all grown and returned enthusiastically to our class and are enjoying catching up with their friends again. More importantly they seem very happy to be back although a little tired. I have introduced 'Dough Disco' to them and it seems to be a huge success, with them asking to do it three times on our first day back. Here’s to a wonderful term of curiosity, awe, wonder and a love for learning.

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