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Term 1 Week 7


Our final week of this term is coming to end which saw us doing everything around pumpkins. We started off with a very exciting cookery class making pumpkin soup with Mrs Gay and her soup maker. The children were talking and learning all about the ingredients they were using and cutting up the pumpkin, onion, carrot and adding some vegetable stock. The children have then been building strength in their hands by learning how to hammer golf tees into pumpkins. This was an exciting activity with them asking to do it daily. They also learnt about Harvest Festival it’s meaning and how we help people who are less fortunate than ourselves by giving food. We’ve been practising our autumn songs and I will share the finished videos onto Tapestry for you all to enjoy. 
We ended the week by making delicious pumpkin biscuits that were devoured and probably did not make them home this time. 
Little Ospreys team would like to wish you a very happy, restful half term and it’s been so lovely to have you all back and have lots of new children join our class. 🎃 


Term 1 week 6


Keeping in with our autumn activities the children have enjoyed collecting conkers everyday from the horse chestnut tree just outside our classroom and using them to roll down guttering. We placed the guttering at different heights to see the variations in distance the conkers travelled. The children had a try at apple printing using a halved apple dipped in paint and placing it on paper.  The paper was cut into the shape of an apple and holes punched around the edge so the children could weave string through the holes. The children have enjoyed learning about how we make bread, the ingredients used and watched it being made in the bread maker. Obviously the eating of it over the next few days was a highlight. They have also done some conker rolling through paint to create fantastic lines, dots and swirls and their great artistic creations will take pride of place in our gallery. We ended the week with our second “Write Dance” scrimbling, where we created marks using shaving foam and cornflour which was a great messy morning. Such a busy week we’ve had and hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.

Term 1 Week 5


Autumn has well and truly rolled into Little Ospreys this week with our story being “We’re going on a Leaf Hunt” with the children going out to find lots of colourful leaves, conkers and spiky conker shells.  The children made clay hedgehogs, then handprint hedgehogs using the most beautiful autumnal colours. They enjoyed lots of wet play outside loving the damp, muddy digging area and lots of jumping in puddles. This week saw us introduce a programme called “Write Dance” which provides movement opportunities so children can develop the physical skills needed to develop their handwriting. Rhythm is closely linked to rhyme and children are encouraged to use their voices to describe the actions as they move and dance.  Mark-making and movement drawings ensure the children progress from whole body dance moves to fine-motor movements with fluency and speed. They would listen to the story and after there was a song with movements linked to the story and then the “Srimbling” which was enthusiastically enjoyed. 

Term 1 Week 4 


What another brilliant week we’ve had spending lots of time outside. The children have been making friends, learning to share and lots of modelling our play. They have been planting flowers with Mrs Jones and digging up potatoes from our vegetable patch with Mrs Gay. Today saw them enjoy some vegetable shape printing and learning some new vegetable names. Last week saw us introduce our music CD called Wiggly Woo and it’s becoming a bit if a favourite with the children and they’re asking to do it most days, so they may come home singing the songs and dance moves they’re learning.  

Term 1 Week 3


This week we've enjoyed lots of time outside with Mrs Gay and myself. The children have been busy using the water from the water tray creating a swampy dinosaur land.  This looked good so Mrs Gay moved it to create a new permanent area within the garden using more natural resources. The children were very curious with the changes we've started making in the sand area, changing from the plastic toys to metal and everyday cooking utensils. We have been trying to finish the children's self portraits for us to hang in the classroom along with their home boxes. The story this week was "The Giant Jam Sandwich" which saw a little village like ours work together to make a trap for four million wasps that had invaded the village. The book had lots of rhyme and was very funny indeed. We decided to do our own, so I brought in bread and jam so the children could learn how to make their very own jam sandwich. To finish the week off, the children made delicious pizza faces with Mrs Jones and they even made a spare one for the grown ups to share. 

Term 1 Week 1 & 2


What a fantastic few weeks we’ve had to start off our wonderful term. We’ve welcomed lots of new children and have been blessed with some long awaited sunshine, so we’ve  enjoyed lots of outdoor play. We went on a ramble around the school on Wednesday and the children have been busy making friends and getting to know each other. All the children have settled in brilliantly, getting to know a few routines within the class. We look forward to the year ahead with our Little Ospreys. 

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