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Testing soil samples - we looked at 3 different samples and looked at how the water drained through each sample. We made sure it was a fair test by using the same amount of soil and water each time.

Investigating rocks - we took time to look closely at our rock collection and tried hard to identify the rock types and their properties!

Making our own fossils! What great fun and we got to eat the snakes and shrimps too!

Everyone had a rock and had to break it open to find a cool fossil inside. We looked closely at the fossils and took great care not to break them! What amazing fun to find so many different fossils!

In our materials work we looked at home well different materials absorb water. It was mess but great fun!

Materials - The children had to design a boat using waterproof materials. Some children chose very well and made some interesting design choices! Everyone had a boat that floated and did not absorb water! We spent a lot of time testing the boats in rough 'sea!'

Skeleton sorting !

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