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Welcome to Owl's Class!

Our Team 

  • Miss Chard (class teacher)
  • Mrs Rawlings (Y6 Maths and English) 
  • Mrs Smith (Y6 TA)
  • Mrs Frost (1:1 TA)
  • Ms. Page (1:1 TA)
  • Mrs Stone (1:1 TA)


Welcome to the 'Oustanding Owls' class page! Here we will keep you up to date with all of the magical learning we get up to each week. We are very excited for the year ahead and our 4/5/6 class sharing their achievements. 


Now we are into our second term of the year - how quick has that gone! The children are continuing with their topic of Space this term. They will be creating their own moon buggies in Design and Technology and looking at a range of forces and whether they are the same in Space. In Literacy, we will be focusing on 'Writing to Entertain' and even create our own science-fiction stories!

Space Project!

Over the half term, the Owls class were set a project. They were given a choice of various tasks they could completes which included making models of space, creating informative posters and writing a job description for an astronaut. The children overwhelmed the adults in the class with the hard effort put into this homework - as you can see the outcomes were extraordinary! 

We love our forest school!

The children have been learning how to use our forest school area respectfully and took part in some great team building activities this week. They had a task to work together as a group to turn their tarpaulin upside down without stepping on the grass - we were overwhelmed by the positive communication and problem solving skills we saw. From this, the children explored the forest area and created their own shelters using the natural environment to help. The teacher's were all so proud of their efforts and can't wait to make more memories with outdoor learning as the year progresses. 

Animal shelter building

Our wonderful writing is now on display!

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