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'Wise Owls' Year 5/6 Miss Sheehan

28th June - Our six Year 6 'Wise Owls' have been presented with their 'Leaver's Hoodies'...

Wednesday 13th June - Year 6 'Wise Owls ' went to 'Rutland Water Sailing Club' for a fun day learning how to sail, and with the weather being so kind, they enjoyed a BBQ too...

17th May 2018 - Congratulations to our Year 6 'Wise Owls' for completing their SATs! We're very proud of you, well done!

Prior to SATs, our Year 5 'Wise Owls' worked on a Mayan themed project with Mrs Kataiwai, this included maths, literacy, science, cooking, geography and history. Here are some pictures that tell the story of our Mayan project work...

27th March - Tying in with our Topic this big term, we've been very 'cross curricular' in our maths lesson today because we threw in a bit of geography too. We like to do things like that in our Yr5/6 lessons; keeps things interesting! Before we got stuck into our maths activities, some of which were zoo related (remember that we went to Twycross Zoo a couple of weeks ago?), we had a go at finding coordinates on maps of continents...

14th March - To tie in with our Topic this big term; Living Processes, Living Things and their Habitats, the Wise Owls joined Yr5/6 peers from Brooke Hill Academy to go to Twycross Zoo. Have a look at what we got to see...

Week commencing 12th March 2018 - British Science Week!  We have been tying all our lessons this week to science in as many different ways as possible.  In literacy we have been finding out about famous scientists in our reading comprehensions, we have been relating our maths lessons to scientific findings by putting data in tables and recording measurements.  Our science lessons, well, they've been very practical and lots of fun...ask us what we've been doing with; water, mirrors, eggs (not all at the same time!)...and how we made helicopters!  'British Science Week' has been fantastic in Wise Owls Yr5/6...lots of budding scientists here!   

8th March - Big Sing Nene - Positive Penguins and Wise Owls were part of the concert at the Royal & Derngate theatre complex in the Cultural Quarter of Northamptonshire. We were part of the 350 singers in the junior choir, drawn from schools in Peterborough, Rutland and Northamptonshire.

5th February - Sam (S), Zak, Jake and Hattie represented our school in the Rutland Swimming Gala and thoroughly enjoyed taking part. They all showed great courage and determination. We are all so very proud of them! Jake and Sam did really well in their races, while Zak and Hattie not only won their heats, but made it all the way to the finals and qualified with the fastest times to take part in the Rutland Swimming Gala County Finals, taking place on February 26th... FANTASTIC! We will be wishing them all the very best in the finals!

National Storytelling Week: January 30th - February 6th 2018. All week we have had stories read to us in assembly by different teachers from across the school. Today, 1st February, our own Miss Sheehan chose a book by David Wiesner to read, called 'Hurricane'. We all talked about the book when she'd finished and shared what we liked about it. It had a cat in the story, so we weren't surprised Miss Sheehan had chosen it!

31st January 2018 - Sam (S), Eloise and Rinchen went to Active Rutland Hub for a gymnastics competition.  Our three 'Wise Owls' got on really well and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Well done, we're proud of you for taking part!

Wow! What an amazing day we had in Birmingham. Here are some pictures of our 'Wise Owls' enjoying our (very long) day out at 'Young Voices'...

'Young Voices', Genting Arena, Birmingham, 26th January - Our 'Wise Owls' are eagerly looking forward to participating in the Young Voices Choir.  It's going to be a very long day for them, but what an exhilarating experience to be part of! We'll be attending with the Yr5/6 classes from South Witham Academy and Brooke Hill Academy - and a few thousand other school-children who are performing there that day too.  Watch this space for photos of our class at the event... 


Shortly afterwards, we'll be inviting the parents of Yr5/6 children from all three schools to a mini Young Voices concert to be held at Edith Weston Academy, so that parents can feel part of the experience, without having to travel to Birmingham.


Note to parents for 26th January -

Your child should come to school in time for normal registration and be wearing school uniform. 

Your child needs two packed 'lunches'; one that they'll eat when we arrive at the venue, one for them to eat for their evening meal.

Please also pack bottled water for them. 

If you have ordered a 'Young Voices t-shirt pack', it will be given to them at the venue. 

The class will travel to and from the event as a school group by coach. 

We estimate arrival back at Edith Weston Academy to be 11.30pm.

We will use Parentmail to update parents if there is a delay on the journey back to school.       

At the beginning of this Spring Term, we warmly welcomed new-starters Ellie and Jack, so here's a look at our current Yr5/6 'Wise Owls' class...

This week we warmly welcome Ellie and Jack (both Yr5) to our Yr5/6 'Wise Owls' class. We hope you'll soon settle in and make lots of new friends here!!

10th January 2018 - Four of our 'Wise Owls' have participated in a 'gymnastics development festival' in Rutland: Elizabeth, Eloise, Rinchen and Sam S. Well done! 

15th December - We all enjoyed a festive KS2 Christmas Carol Service and Nativity at St Mary The Virgin Church, Edith Weston. The children performed impressively and a lovely afternoon was had by all...

On Friday 15th December our school warmly welcomed parents in for our 'Christmas Crafts morning'. Parents could join their children in making Christmas crafts around the school. Here's a look at what the Positive Penguins in Yr 3/4, and the Wise Owls in Yr5/6, created...

A reminder that the WWII inspired project work is due in on Monday 11th December. Parents/ Carers are invited in to view the project pieces created by the children on Wednesday 13th December, 9.00-9.30am, Year 5/6 'Wise Owls' classroom. We look forward to warmly welcoming you.

7th December - Here are Elizabeth (Yr5) and Sam (Yr6) with designs they created now appearing on Christmas cards and mugs that they ordered. Could this be the start of careers in design?

5th December - Roots to Foods - Wow! As the children learned new cooking skills our school hall was filled with the wonderful aroma of what they were making. Ask your children about the food the created today and what fresh ingredients they used...

23rd November 2017 - Yr5/6 ‘Wise Owls’ enjoyed a morning of basketball at USSC arranged by Chris Thomas, Multi Schools Sports. We won one of our basketball games! It was edge of seat excitement and by the end we were all hoarse from cheering our teams on. Adding to the enjoyment of the morning, we came 3rd in our mini league, well done everyone! Photos by Eloise Lewin

The School Reading List - We are sharing this website with parents across the Multi Academy Trust as we feel it has some great recommendations for reading on it, we hope you find it useful.

We are very lucky at this school to be regularly visited by the Rutland County Council 'Library Van'. Here are the books our 'Wise Owls' chose this week...

Congratulations to the 'Wise Owls' who up-levelled their times tables this week - our class won in the weekly completion between us and the Yr3/4 'Positive Penguins'.  Keep up the good work and let's see if we can beat them again next week! The children were photographed receiving their certificates in assembly and the photo appeared on the end-of-week newsletter to parents, can you spot your child on there? Well done 'Wise Owls'!

On Friday 10th October we had a non-uniform day and wore spotty outfits/ casual clothes raising money for a very good cause...CHILDREN IN NEED!

A reminder that the hand in date for all completed project ideas is Monday 11th December 2017. Parents are invited in to view all that the children have created on Wednesday 13th December, 9.00-9.30am, Yr5/6 'Wise Owl' classroom.  We look forward to welcoming you.  A copy of the WWII Homework Project Sheet (2-sided) can be found by scrolling down this class web-page.

Here we are learning new construction inspired skills and having lots of fun at the 'Construction Event' at Stamford College...

10th November 2017 - Stamford Construction Event, Stamford College. Year 5/6 'Wise Owls' will be attending, and actively participating in, construction themed activities for the day.  Watch this space for photos of activities the children were able to get involved in... 


Stamford College have sent us this list of examples of some of the activities being run on the day:





Design and build a Lighthouse (paper construction)


Construct a pyramid shape (dowels and elastic bands)


Bandages / slings Basic First Aid - importance of training


fire hazards, different types of extinguishers and their use


Learn how to build a brick wall


Develop skills in fixing tiles


Learn how solar panels work and there installation


Practical activity using basic hand and some power tools


Practical use of surveying equipment and recording of readings


Use of pipe bending equipment and joining techniques


Electrical challenge of making a lighting circuit


Build a model out of recyclable materials


Test your painting and wallpapering skills


Identify hazards and risks within a workplace/building site


Learn how to build with earth materials


Learn about engineering and using mini-diggers


Assemble and walk across a cable-stayed bridge


Learn/design/build Reciprocal frame buildings


How industry makes the roads safer to use with Road markings


Discover how to detect underground cables and pipes, manage road safety


Explore the science of road construction - make environmental decisions


Can you take on a surprise challenge and succeed (school competition)


Unfortunately, the Table Tennis event was postponed. That didn't stop us having lots of table tennis fun back in our own school hall...

2nd November 2017 - Year 5/6 'Wise Owls' will be attending a Table Tennis event being held at UCC, please keep a lookout for pictures of the children participating... 

Our day at Beaumanor Park was incredibly interesting and lots of fun. Here we are enjoying learning about what it was like living through WWII...

1st November 2017 - Year 5/6 'Wise Owls' will be visiting Beaumanor Park, so keep a lookout for pictures of our WWII inspired adventure into the past...

Please find attached the WWII Homework Project Sheet (2-sided). Hand in date for all completed project ideas is Monday 11th December 2017. Parents are invited in to view all that the children have created on Wednesday 13th December, 9.00-9.30am, Yr5/6 'Wise Owl' classroom. We look forward to welcoming you.

6th-9th October - Yr5 residential at PGL, Caythorpe. Our Yr5 children joined Yr5 children from Brooke Hill Academy to go on an adventurous activity based weekend. Lots and lots of fun was had by all and memories were made that will be fondly remembered for many years to come. More photos will be added when our staff cameras have been collected in from those that had groups over the weekend. Here's a look at photos we have so far...

6th October - 'Red, White and Blue Day' - celebrating the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force! We were very kindly joined by Army personnel from St George's Barracks who had arranged an exciting and fun-packed day for our children. All in a good cause, the children were able to wear red, white and blue clothes and donate £1 to the charity...

You will no doubt be aware of the ‘Brownlee Brothers’ successes in the Triathlon this year. 'Wise Owls' (Year 5/6) were invited to join a wonderful opportunity for schools - a Triathlon 'experience day' at Charnwood College, Loughborough...

In Science this term, we are learning about Electricty! We have been having a huge amount of fun creating circuits where light bulbs have been lighting up and there have been buzzers buzzing...

Introducing you to our 'Wise Owls' Yr5/6 School Council representatives, they are Eloise from Year 6, and Sam from Year 5...

Introducing you to our School 'Techno Squad' - Zak and Grace...

Arranged by Mrs Bale, 'Wise Owls' have been learning dance routines led by Claudimar Neto (Thriller the Musical, X Factor Dancer and Dance Captain for 'Little Mix'), Alyssia White (International Bollywood Actress, Dancer and Singer)...

Introducing our happy class enjoying the sunshine for our class photo...

Autumn Term Flyer - a look at what we're doing this big term...

We thought you might like to see a brief grammar and punctuation guide...

Dear Parents/ Carer,


Please can we remind parents that their child should have a pair of plain black indoor shoes or plimsolls so that when they come in to school in the morning, after break and after lunch time, they can take off wet/ muddy outdoor shoes.


We are active learners and use the carpet for sitting on at different times during the day. Being able to change their shoes means that they can sit on the classroom floor without getting clothing wet or muddy.


Thank you,

Miss Sheehan 

Welcome to 'Wise Owls' -

this is the Year 5/6 page!

Welcome back to Year 5/6 with Miss Sheehan, Class Teacher.

Our Teaching Assistant, shared with 'Penguins' Year 3/4, is Mrs Kataiwai.

HOMEWORK - reminder to everyone in Year 5/6,

every week we are expecting you to:

  • read EVERY day for 20 minutes
  • practise your spellings
  • practise your times tables
  • complete maths and literacy homework (given out on a Friday - to be handed in on the following Wednesday).


 Children will need navy/black shorts, a plain white T-shirt and trainers - plain navy or black tracksuit bottoms and a tracksuit top or fleece if they feel the cold/ in the colder months. Thank you.


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This is "Partitioning method for addition" by Edith Weston PS on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

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