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Stars (Nursery & Reception)

Welcome to the Sparkling Stars class with Mrs Johnson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Benge!


We are the Nursery and Reception children at Edith Weston Academy. You can join our class the term after you turn 3 years old. If you would like any more information or would like to visit us if you’re moving into the area, please phone the school office. Thank You!

Home Learning!


Here is a link to a Government document with lots of ideas and activities for Early Years children to do at home.

RSPB Challenge!


Here is a Challenge for you to complete at home from the RSPB. I wonder if you could get your Bronze Award like these two Sparkling Stars children?!

Term Six - Under the Sea, Up in the Air and On the Ground!


This summer term we are learning about lots of exciting things including: submarines, boats, sea creatures and mermaids; moving onto airplanes, flying, kites and hot air balloons; to lastly, trains, cars, camping and picnics! 

Under the Sea


Look at the fantastic role play area Mrs Davison and Mrs Jones have been busy making in the Stars classroom! There are some wonderful sea horses that the children have made. Keep a look out for more sea creatures to appear!

Week One at School - 01/06/2020


The children have really enjoyed being back in school this week and have got stuck into this weeks topic of “Under the Sea”. They’ve loved using the new role play area, pretending to be underwater with the shells and fish! We have made seahorses and jellyfish so far for our aquarium and have enjoyed making patterns with the shells in play-dough. The reception children have been learning how to count in tens and they are getting very good at remembering the sequence now! They have also been practising their letter formation by writing about sea creatures. The nursery children have been practising how to clap syllables in different words to hear the sounds. Everyone has had a lovely first week and we are looking forward to continuing our topic next week. 

Week One at Home - 01/06/2020


This week the Stars children have been having fun outside with giant bubbles and have been doing some fantastic subtraction at home, even being able to count backwards in their head to work out the answers! 

Week Two at School - 08/06/2020


This week the children have continued their Under the Sea topic, with a focus on the Sharing a Shell story. They enjoyed making their own hermit crab that even included themselves inside it! We also had fun being imaginative in the underwater tuff tray with blue rice, shells and sea creatures. The pre-school and nursery children have also been mark making in the coloured rice trays to practise their initial sounds. The reception children have been practising counting on and recording addition this week, as well as writing a book review for the Sharing a Shell story. Everyone also enjoyed their PE session with Mr Eldred this week, where they did an Under the Sea yoga session. Next week, we are doing an extra week of Under the Sea activities as the children have enjoyed it so much! We are going to be focusing on boats and submarines!

Look at our fantastic puffer fish! 

Week Three at School - 15/06/2020


This week in EYFS it was the last week of our Under the Sea topic. The children have enjoyed making submarines that rock backwards and forwards so they look like they are floating. We have also made our own boats with paper sails using bottle caps. We then tested them, along with some other objects, to see if they would sink or float! Everyone has also had a go at making a boat from different 2D shapes. We talked about the properties of the shapes and which would be best to use for which part. During a break in the rain, the children even managed to get outside for their PE session with Mr Eldred where they were practising their gross motor skills during circuit activities. The reception children have also been working hard to plan and write their own underwater adventure story this week too! Next week we are moving onto “Up in the Air” with a focus on hot air balloons! 

Uh oh, Mr Eldred got soaked this week when he was trying to empty the sun canopy of rain!! 

Week Three at Home - 15/06/2020


The Stars children at home have been busy baking and also practising their reading comprehension, handwriting and addition questions too!

Look at this fantastic under the sea drawing from one of our amazing stars who has been working really hard at home!

Week Four at School - 22/06/2020


This week in EYFS we have started a different topic of ‘Up in the Air’ with a focus on Hot Air Balloons! Mrs Davison and Mr Eldred have made this fantastic role play hot air balloon in class with the children so can they have have lots of adventures! They have also made their own 3D hot air balloons with a picture of themselves floating underneath it! The nursery children have been practising initial sound “p” this week and also hearing rhythms with musical instruments. The reception children have been learning to recognise larger 2-digit numbers as well as writing their own hot air balloon story, “If I could go anywhere...”. Everyone has enjoyed lots of water play outside in the sunshine this week too as well as a trip to the woodland area. We played hide and seek and some of the children pretended to be sloths too! Next week we are continuing our ‘Up in the Air’ topic but changing our focus to kites and planes. 

Week Five at School - 29/06/2020


This week in EYFS we have continued our “Up in the Air” topic and have had a focus on kites and airplanes! The children really enjoyed our story “Stuck!” where a kite got stuck in the tree so the boy threw lots of other things in the tree to try and get it down! The reception children had to make a list of all the objects in the tree and have a go at drawing them too! Everyone also enjoyed making their own kites too and had lots of fun running super fast outside to make them fly really high. The children had a good PE session with Mr Eldred again this week, playing some team games as well as being competitive and racing to be the first to pick up the tennis ball. We have also been practising giving each other directions this week, using our left and right and telling each other how many steps forward and backwards we need to go to get to a certain space. Next week we are moving onto our “On the Ground” topic with a focus on insects and adventures!

Week Five at Home - 29/06/2020


Our Sparkling Stars children have been busy at home drawing fantastic pictures from the “Stuck” story of all the things that’s got stuck in the tree, having fun splashing stones into the river and also practising counting in 2s using sweets! 


It was lovely to have some of you join us on Teams this week to see your friends in class; keep a look out on parentmail for next weeks link! 

Week Six at School - 06/07/2020


This week in EYFS we have been focusing on insects and adventures with our “On the Ground” topic. Everyone really enjoyed our adventure in the woodland area where we went on a bug hunt! Our first find was a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly that landed on Mrs Davison’s back while she was opening the gate and luckily most of the children saw this. We really enjoyed exploring lifting up logs and branches and we found a millipede, ants, earwigs, woodlouse, hover flies, wasp and a couple of bumble bees enjoying the nectar in the brambles flowers. The children also enjoyed some insect yoga for PE this week too! The reception children have been working really hard to recognise lots of tricky words that can’t be blended and have been super proud of their certificates from Mrs Jones when they learn each phase. Next week we are looking forward to our beach day, fingers crossed the weather brightens up! We are continuing our “On the Ground” topic for the last week of term focusing on the seaside and picnics.

Scavenger Hunt Challenge!


Well done to the children who have already taken part in the challenge I posted on Tapestry. It’s not too late to have a go, it’s great fun hunting for different things on your walk! If you upload a photo of your walk on tapestry like these children have, you will be able to choose a prize from the golden box when we are back in school! Good luck!



Week 1 - 20/04/2020


Thank you to everyone for continuing to upload your learning on Tapestry, it's fantastic. Here are some of the things you have all been doing -  making play dough, making potions, cleaning cars, seeing how many animals can "squash and squeeze" into the house and also matching animals and their young. Great work!

In school:

In school, we have started work on our paper mache balloon layers. Some of them are being made into people and some of them are being made into planets! I wonder if you can paper mache a balloon at home? Maybe you could make it into a farm animal?!

Week 2 - 27/04/2020


There has been lots of wonderful learning happening at home this week, it’s is great to see how busy you all are! We’ve been drawing dinosaurs, reading bedtime stories, putting on a show, lots more baking, making rainbows, practising our handwriting and also camping in the garden! 

Week 3 - 04/05/2020


There has been lots of fantastic home learning already this week, everyone’s been busy! We’ve got lots of beautiful cursive handwriting being practised, number recognition, number ordering and counting rainbows, looking at seeds under the microscope and a tuck shop too! Two of the Sparkling Stars have written postcards to each other! I wonder if you could send one to a friend too? 

Week 4 - 11/05/2020


Another busy week of home learning with size ordering, dressing up, reading, writing messages to friends, and lots more baking! 

Term Five - It's a Bug's Life!


I have attached a copy of our medium term plan for this term's topic for you all to have a look at. It has all of the exciting learning opportunities on that we would have been doing in school! I have added photos of the ideas so that you can all have a go at home! Remember to keep in touch, we are enjoying seeing everyone's photos and videos on Tapestry. 

Stay safe,

Mrs Johnson :)

Here is a game of farm animal I spy for you to have a go at!

White Rose Maths


White Rose Maths are publishing an online lesson idea for each day of the week, based on a story. There are some lovely maths ideas on there that can all be done easily at home :)

Storyline Online


Storyline Online is a free website with access to lots of books being read aloud, for you to enjoy at home.

Easter Holiday News!


I hope you have all had a wonderful break over the Easter holidays and have been making the most of this fantastic sunshine!


Here are a few photos of the things I have been doing to keep busy!


Mrs Johnson


Lola is really enjoying me being at home and is loving her walks in the sun!

I made a cake for my Mum's birthday and dropped it round to her!

Mr Johnson even let me cut his hair!

A message from Mrs Benge:


"I have been busy re-painting my daughter's play house, helping my husband to make and paint the new seating and enjoying time with my family and my dog Rio (who is now also covered in paint!!). Hope everyone's all okay and staying safe. Miss you all!"

Mrs Benge has been busy painting in the garden!

A message from Mrs Jones:


Mrs Jones has been busy baking at home and has been enjoying spending lots of time in the garden in this beautiful sunshine. She has also had some very cute visitors too! The ducklings hatched at the back of her garage and made their way down to the lake throughout the day! 

Easter Simnal Cake and Cute Visitors!

Easter photos from home:


Thank you to the children who have sent in some of your photos from the Easter holidays, it is always lovely to hear from you! 



Here are some links to online learning that we use in school:


- Phonics Play


- Top Marks Online Games


- Cosmic Kids Yoga


- Youtube - Just Dance Kids and Go Noodle




Here is the play dough recipe that we use in school!

Week 1 - 23/03/2020


We have had some fantastic pictures and videos uploaded to Tapestry this week and it has been wonderful to be able to see what you have all been doing at home. Please continue to add observations (if you need support with this, please contact school) as it is great to keep in touch.


Here is a selection of what has been uploaded this week. Keep up the fantastic work Sparkling Stars!

In School:


The children who have been in school this week made a fantastic den in the woodland area, take a look! I wonder if you could make a den at home? Remember to send us your pictures if you do! 

Week Two - 30.03.2020


It has been lovely to see a few more pictures being uploaded to Tapestry this week! You have all been super busy! 

We’ve had a few more pictures upoloaeded this week, lots of crafting and baking!

Happy Easter! 


We are really missing you all but it is so lovely to see everyone’s wonderful photos and videos being uploaded to Tapestry, it’s great to keep in touch.
Here are some fun Easter ideas for you to try if you are running out of things to do at home!  
We hope you all have a fantastic break and enjoy spending time with your family.
Take care,
Mrs Johnson, Mrs Jones and Mrs Benge 

Term Four - Spring and Growing!


This term, we are looking at Spring and growing through storytelling. We are looking at a different story each week to build upon our knowledge of the stories and recapping the main events. These are the stories we will be looking at:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jasper’s Beanstalk

The Tiny Seed

Oliver’s Vegetables

A Squash and a Squeeze

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We are also really looking forward to our trip to Sacrewell Farm with Little Ospreys on Tuesday 24th March!

Term Three - Rainforests!


This term we are learning about Rainforests and what we can do to help them as part of a whole school topic “The World is in Our Hands”. We will be learning about what they are and where they are as well as what is happening to the rainforests around the world. We will be looking at the differences between life in the rainforest for the tribes that live in the Amazon, compared to our lives. We will also learn about the mammals, reptiles, birds and plants that live there too. We’re all really excited about this topic!

Fruit kebabs


Im the rainforest, they eat lots of fruit as it is freshly grown in their trees in their climate. We made our own healthy fruit kebabs,practising our fine motor skills to chop the fruit and thread it onto our kebab stick. We used mango, lychee, pineapple, grapes, grapefruit, lime and lemon!

Term Two - A Festival of Colour!


This term we are learning all about colour. We are starting the term by celebrating Bonfire Night and Diwali, then focusing on using, naming and mixing colours before the lead up to Christmas!

Classroom Colour Hunt


Our challenge was to see how many things we could find that were red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The children did a great job and found lots of objects in the classroom!

Term One - All About Me!


During our first term, our topic is All About Me! We are getting to know each other and make friends, as well as learning lots about ourselves and our families. 

 My Family


The children have all brought photos in from home of their families and really enjoyed sharing them with each other. It was good fun guessing who the people in the pictures were!

Our body


We hadn’t lots of fun drawing round each other on the playground to practise naming our body parts. It was exciting when we stood up and saw our bodies drawn in chalk!



We have been learning about our five senses ans the children really enjoyed exploring our touch sense by walking through different items. We used words such as slippy, crunchy, squelchy, crispy, wet and cold to describe them!

Term 4 newsletter

We have had 3 9 6 6 8 visitors
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