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Spectacular Starlings Years 5 & 6

The Y6 (and Mrs Rawlings!) had a great time in York on our residential trip! Here are some photos of our exciting adventures!


Water wheels!

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This is the other team's water wheel! They worked so hard and the end product is fantastic!

Water wheels!

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Did you know the ancient Greeks used water wheels to create energy? It helped them to grind flour and other difficult jobs. We worked together in teams to design and build our own water wheels. They were a great success!


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We have used ipads to research each planet in the solar system. We then write an informative paragraph about it and used 'Explain Everything' to present out work.

Roots To Food!


Today we have worked with Darren from 'Roots To Food' to cook our own Rogan Josh. It was a great morning! We chopped, marinaded, steamed, stir fried and stirred all our ingredients to create a delicious dish from scratch. We then plated it up and, the best bit, we ate it!  



Young Voices 2019! 


We spent yesterday (23rd January 2019) at the World Resort Stadium in Birmingham, we took part in the epic Young Voices. Made up of 6400 children, it is the biggest school choir in the world! We were really lucky to sing with stars including Tony Hadley! It was a great day and evening and we cannot wait for next year already!


Big Maths! Here are some examples of the problems we looked at as part of our first big maths session this term!

The Nutcracker

We were very lucky to have to opportunity to work with Rob Persani from Rutland Radio to create our own podcast. We each read a verse from a poem based on the festive tale 'The Nutcrakcer'

Nappy test! 12/12/2018


Continuing with our properties of materials theme, we looked at which nappy was the most absorbent. We had 3 brands of nappies and had a really good look at them. We predicted which would be the best. Many of us predicted the most expensive and well known brand would be the best. We completed the investigation by weighing each nappy before submerging it in 2000ml of water for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, we weighed the nappy again and measured the amount of remaining water. We ensured it was a fair test by keeping the volume of water and the time the same. Once we found out the results we worked out the cost of each nappy using our division skills. We were shocked to find that the cheapest nappy was the most absorbent and the most expensive nappy was the least absorbent! 


Materials and their properties  12/12/2018


We have been investigating the properties of different materials. We looked at metal, glass, plastic, fabric and wood. We could not decide if wood was absorbent or not so we went on a walk to our forest area and gather some natural wood. We thought about how we could find out if it was absorbent or not. We decided to weight it, submerge it in water for 2 minutes and weigh it after. If it was heavier that would mean the wood had absorbed the water. The results showed that the wood was in fact absorbent! 


Basketball tournament 29/11/2019 


We have had a great morning at the basketball tournament in Uppingham today! We played lots of schools from across the county and has great fun! We worked well as a team and gave it 100%, Mrs Rawlings and Mr Eldred were really proud of us!


23rd November 2018

This week we were really lucky to be able to visit the “Warning Zone” in Leicester. This trip allowed us to learn about keeping safe both online and in real life situations. We learned many ways to keep ourselves safe online and how to treat others online. During the afternoon we travelled through many different zones with different safety risks, lots of them had surprising effects that made us all jump- including Mrs Rawlings. We all had a fantastic day and came away with a better understanding of our own safety and with a big smile on our faces. “ It was a really fun day and I learned a lot from it!” “I told my family all about it and now they all want to go because it was so much fun!”

Our trip to the "Warning Zone" in Leicester

In Starling class, we focus on our reading every morning, looking at texts and the skills to answer questions about them. Every Friday, we really enjoy our visit to the school library. This is our opportunity to get cosy with a good book and take time to enjoy our reading in our lovely library area. During this time we are able to read our own book or choose one from the library shelves that we can also share with our friends. Here are some direct quotes from our class ‘’I like the library because it’s a nice time to enjoy reading’’ ‘’Going to the library every Friday is one of my favourite things to do!’’ ‘’I like to read in the library because it is nice and quiet and we get to sit on bean bags and cushions.’’



The Year 5s had a fantastic time at PGL this week! We were very excited to get there and during our 3 night stay, we had many new experiences and pushed ourselves to conquer our fears and achieve our goals. We took part in many activities including a giant swing, kayaking, Jacob’s ladder, trapeze, challenge course, fencing, archery, buggy building, climbing and many more! We enjoyed the food and the evening games and entertainment, especially the campfire and toasting marshmallows. Despite the wet weather, it was a great experience to spend the weekend with our friends and working together as a team to achieve things we did not think we would be able to!


This week we have been learning to sing using Makaton. We have listened to the music and learned the Makaton actions for them. We have learned ‘Wonderful world’ by Louis Armstrong, this song has lots of Makaton signs but it looks very beautiful when we perform it. We have also learned the Makaton to ‘Three little birds’ by Bob Marley, this one is our favourite! We have enjoyed learning to sign using music and it has allowed us to remember lots of the Makaton signs to use in everyday situations. Here are some pictures of some of the signs we have learned. These show love, true, friends and bloom, can you guess which one is which?


We have been super busy in the Starling class recently! Last week we were lucky enough to attend the Wilds lodge music festival, we had a fantastic time even if it was a little wet! The live bands were great and there was so many different activities to take part in, even Mrs Rawlings could not resist the face glitter! We had a few days to warm up and dry off before diving into our next big adventure at the Brownlee triathlon in Loughborough. Each of us had a go at the 3 triathlon sports including swimming, cycling and running. We all tried really hard and did our school proud, even Mr Eldred gave it a go and passed through the finish line earning himself a medal! We are really looking forward to taking part in lots of sports events this year!


This week has been fantastic in the Spectacular Starlings classroom! We have created some brilliant writing based on our trip to meet the Viking. We used all the information we found out during our visit and during our Topic lessons in school to write an information text all about Vikings. We used post it notes and giant paper to plan out writing, we organised our facts into paragraphs using subheadings and then wrote our final text. We are all really proud of the final product and Mrs Rawlings was blown away by the quality of our writing! Did you know the Vikings used milk to create their own glue? We will be investigating this in our Science and try to create our own glue in the same way…we will keep you posted on how this goes!


We have been very lucky this week to visit South Witham School and spend a day with a Viking. The Viking we met was called Ash, at the very beginning of the day he terrified us by running from behind the curtain with his helmet on, a sword in his hand and screaming angrily at us! During the day we learned a lot about different aspects of Viking and Anglo Saxon life including that Vikings invaded other countries as their own land was not very good for farming and also that slaves and animals were buried with their masters. We held some artefacts from this era in history and some us of tried the helmets and shields. We had a fantastic day and we are looking forward to creating some amazing information texts based on our visit.


We have had 3 9 6 6 8 visitors
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