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Sparkling Stars EYFS

Welcome to the Sparkling Stars Class with Miss Story and Mrs Jones!


We are the EYFS class and are a mix of Nursery and Reception children. You can start learning with us in the term after your 3rd birthday!


Please phone the school office if you would like to come and visit our class if you are interested in joining us!

Term 6 - Oh, I do like to be beside the Seaside!
This term we are learning all about the seaside, beaches, sea creatures, mermaids and pirates! We are looking forward to our beach day at the end of term and also a pirate dress up day, (more details will be provided nearer the time).

Sun Safety!


We have been learning all about how to keep safe in the sun and also practising our cutting skills at the same time. The children told me that we have to wear sunhats, put our sun cream on to protect ourselves, stay in the shade sometimes and most importantly, drink lots of water.

Observational drawings of shells


The children really impressed me with their concentration and perseverance when we were drawing the different shells. Everyone tried really hard to look at the patterns and lines as they were drawing.

Making the most of the rain!


We all had lots of fun seeing who could make the biggest splash outside and learning that the rain comes from the clouds in the sky. Some of the children hoped it would be sunny again soon so that we could see a rainbow!

Term 5 - Space!
This term we are learning all about Space! Our topic will include learning about: the planets in the solar system, day and night, astronauts, space travel and finally, ALIENS!


We had lots of fun this week learning lots of facts about the different planets. We have been able to make our very own papier mache solar system for our classroom which has all of the planets and the sun. The children worked really well together to make the planets from balloons and newspaper then helped each other to paint them the right colours.

Day and Night

We have been thinking about the differences between day compared to night this week. The children knew that we see the sun in the day time and the moon at night when it's dark. We made some class posters about things we do and see in the day and at night.

Signs of Spring

We enjoyed our visit to the woodland area this week where we were on the hunt for signs of Spring. The children were able to spot lots of green leaves on the trees, different coloured flowers around the woodland, and also a few different insects, including a worm and some ladybirds! We took our clipboards with us and the children sketched some brilliant drawings of what they had seen.

Term 4 - Fur, Feathers and Scales!
This term we are learning all about animals! Our topic is going to include classification, wild and zoo animals, farm animals, extinct and endangered animals and birds. The final week we are focusing on Easter! We are very much looking forward to our EYFS trip with the Little Osprey's to Sacrewell Farm on Monday 11th March - photos to follow! We have also got ZooLab coming in to do a handling session with us on Wednesday 13th March during Science Week, so there are lots of exciting things happening in the next few weeks!

World Book Day!


The children really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day on Wednesday! They were all able to tell us which character they had chosen and were looking forward to sharing their stories with each other. We had two Gruffalos, Cat in the Hat, Peter Pan and a Butterfly, just to name a few! Everyone's costumes were brilliant :)

Sacrewell Farm!


We had a fantastic school trip to Sacrewell Farm where we enjoyed a tractor ride around the farmyard and were able to see baby lambs and goat kids being bottle fed! We went on an adventure around the farm to see what other animals we could see too. We saw horses, donkeys, cows, alpacas, chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats and even pigs with their tiny newborn piglets! Then enough time to explore the play barn, where I think the children’s favourite thing was the giant slide! We all had a brilliant day and happily chatted about everything we had seen on the bus journey home. 

Zoo Lab!

We had a brilliant session with Zoo Lab where we got to meet a giant African land snail, a millipede, a snake and a tarantula!

Term 3 - Winter Wonderland

Our topic for this half term is ‘Winter Wonderland, where we will be learning about the different seasons as well the Arctic and Antarctic and the type of animals who live there. We will also be looking at the Ice Age, Chinese New Year, and finishing the term by learning about the story of Frozen and all things icy!

Here is our newsletter for term 3.

Making bird feeders!


Seeing as it is Winter, we have been talking about why the birds have no food to eat outside so it is important to feed them. With that in mind, we made our very own bird feeders to put in the Woodland Area! First we made holes in a cardboard tube to thread the string through, then rolled the tube in honey to make it sticky! Then we covered them in lots of bird seed before taking them up to the woodland to hang in the trees.

Chinese New Year!


The children have all really enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year through making Chinese lanterns and lucky red envelopes with gold coins inside. We even had a Chinese New Year party where we got to try lots of different Chinese food as well as practising our dragon dancing with the ribbons in the hall!

Term 2 - Magic and Wonder!


This term, we have been learning about Halloween, Witches and Wizards, Bonfire Night, Cinderella, Fairies and Elves and everything festive in the lead up to Christmas! Some of our favourite learning experiences were making pumpkin soup, creating magic wands to cast spells, designing lots of wonderful firework pictures, writing wishes for our Fairy Godmother and making gardens for the fairies and elves.

The Nativity

We absolutely loved performing our Nativity with Year One and Two this Christmas! The children all enjoyed dressing up as their part in the Nativity, they had beautiful singing voices and were able to remember when to come on stage and what to do! Thank you for coming to watch and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Term 1 - All About Me!


Welcome to the Sparkling Stars EYFS class with Miss Story and Mrs Jones.

This term we have been learning 'All About Me!'. We have been thinking about ourselves, our family and friends, including what makes us the same and what makes us different. As well as this, we have been busy learning about emotions and the five senses; we have been on listening walks, sensory activities including walking through beans and custard, alongside taste testing a variety of new food. Throughout the Autumn, we have been thinking about changes to the trees and leaves when we visit the woodland area and we have also made a Scarecrow ready for Harvest. We have had lots of fun learning this half term and getting to know our new friends in school.

Please see our 'Welcome Newsletter' for Autumn - Term One



PE is on a Monday afternoon for Reception children and any Nursery children who are in. Nursery children will also participate in Physical Development activities during group times and in the outside area. Please can Reception children have PE kits (white top and navy/black shorts), Nursery children we will just ask to take off their socks and shoes, unless you wish for them to have PE kit.


Swimming is on a Wednesday morning for all EYFS children so please bring in a swimming kit and towel.

We go to the Woodland Area once a week so please ensure children bring in a warm coat throughout the winter, we have wellies at school they can borrow.


Thank you!

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