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Key Stage Inspired Writers

On Monday 4th March, we enjoyed hosting a MAT wide KS1 writers event here at Edith Weston Academy. Based around the theme of 'The Magic Box' poem by Kit Wright, we found inspiration around school for special things we would put in our own box.

We started in the hall with the appearance of a magical box complete with mysterious smoke! Inside we found a range of special items belonging to Mrs Shepherd and things that she liked including things such as a special cushion made by her son and the smell of hot cross buns! We thought about what we would add to our boxes. 

We visited the Forest School and used our senses to find magic in the natural world around us. We created a special box and described it using a range of vocabulary as well as mathematical terms. We also started to write verses of poetry about what we would put in our box; we were very clear that these should be senses, feelings and emotions rather than items we can touch!

At the end of the day, we were very tired from all our work but we have so much inspiration for our poems for the rest of the week. We will be sharing them soon. 


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