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Little Ospreys

Welcome to Little Ospreys! We are the preschool provision within Edith Weston Academy, where we take children from 2 years old. Learning through play is a vital part of a child's development, which is our main focus at Little Ospreys.


Although we are a separate unit from the other EYFS class we work very closely with Sparkling Stars and often spend time in each others classroom. This enriches the children's learning by exposing them to older children to broaden their language and development through play.

Picture 1

Term 1


Our theme this term is going to be ‘ All about me’ where we get to know you and your families by bringing in lots of pictures. Using the pictures we are then going to build our own family tree in class.  Some activities will include fuzzy felt faces, reflections in the mirror and painting self portraits.


Self Portraits

Messy Play Faces

Messy Play Faces 1

Term 2


Our theme this term is going to be ‘celebrations’. When we first come back we will be having a sparkly time with  Bonfire night, followed by Diwali and then leading into Christmas festivities.


Bonfire (firework pictures)

Bonfire (firework pictures) 1
Bonfire (firework pictures) 2
Bonfire (firework pictures) 3


Diwali 1
Diwali 2
Diwali 3

Armistice Day

Armistice Day 1
Armistice Day 2
Armistice Day 3
Armistice Day 4
Armistice Day 5

Christmas Fun

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