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Little Ospreys

Welcome to Little Ospreys! We are the preschool provision within Edith Weston Academy, where we take children from 2 years old. Learning through play is a vital part of a child's development, which is our main focus at Little Ospreys.


Although we are a separate unit from the other EYFS class we work very closely with Sparkling Stars and often spend time in each others classroom. This enriches the children's learning by exposing them to older children to broaden their language and development through play.

Term 6!


This term we are learning about “Under the Sea, Up in the Air and On the Ground!”. We are going to be looking at different sea creatures, mermaids, boats, submarines, hot air balloons, flying, planes, kites, cars, trains, camping and picnics. 

Term 6 - Week 1


We have enjoyed making seahorses and jellyfish as well as playing with shells and sea creatures in our new role play area. We have also been learning how to hear different sounds in words by clapping the syllables. It’s lots of fun spending time with the nursery and reception children in Stars class! 

Term 6 - Week 2


This week we have focused on the Sharing a Shell story and have enjoyed making ourselves into a hermit crab by decorating a paper plate and adding a photo of ourselvesinside the shell! We have also made puffer fish by painting with forks as well as practising mark making in coloured rice. Everyone enjoyed some imaginative play in the underwater tuff tray with coloured rice, shells and seam creatures too! 

Term 6 - Week 3


This week we have had fun making submarines that rock backwards and forwards so they look like they are floating! We have also been on a listening walk to see what we could hear around school. We heard dogs and people in the field, birds and a car on the road. We’ve been testing floating and sinking objects too, as well as making boats using different 2D shapes!

Term 6 - Week 4


This week we have changed to a new topic of “Up in the Air” with a focus on hot air balloons! Mrs Davison and Mr Eldred have made a role play hot air balloon in class with us so that we can have lots of adventures and we have also made mini 3D hot air balloons with a picture of ourselves floating underneath. We have also been practising rhythm with the musical instruments and had lots of fun exploring in the woodland area, playing hide and seek and pretending to be sloths!



Term 6 - Week 5


This week we have carried on with our ‘Up in the Air’ topic and changed our focus to kites and airplanes! We have had lots of fun making our own kites and running super fast outside to see how high they could fly. Our story this week was “Stuck” and we all enjoyed laughing at the story because so many different things got stuck in the tree before the kite finally came down!! 

Term 6 - Week 6


This week we have really enjoyed our book about the little cockroach and his big adventure! Our favourite part of the week was our bug hunt in the woodland area, we found lots of different insects and it was good fun wearing our own bug headbands that we made too!


Term 5 Week 5 Focus 'Minibeasts' and "What the Ladybird Heard" The children have been practising thier numbers, singing the "Please and Thank You" song in Makaton. Also baking Welsh cakes and doing potato ladybird printing.

Term 5 Week 4 Focus "Minibeasts" This week children have been spotting Minibeasts, counting thier legs and copying how they move at home.

Term 5 Week 3 Focus "Farm Machinery" This week children have been doingsome great number work, having a McJ's drive through at home, making a nest for the ducks that keep visiting them and some great poppies ready for VE day tomorrow!

Term 5 Week 2 Focus "Farming" This week the children have been practising thier name writing, shapes and numbers. Also making hand print gifts to send to thier family, hide and seek with thier toys and spotting farm animals on line.

Book Trust's Pajama Rama Festival

Term 5 Week 1 Focus "Farm Animals"

Visions Centre Rutland

Hello everyone, I hope you all had the most fantastic Easter, I certainly did! I did lots of gardening, bike riding, playing cards, walking my dog Fudge and playing Badminton with my family enjoying the beautiful sunshine we had. ☀️😀
This school term our Topic would have been ' It's a Bug Life', where we would have been looking at all things Bugs. However, this week's focus is "Farms Animals" and due to us missing our trip to Sacrewell farm, we thought we'd revisit the topic. If you have seen our ' Fun things to do' list on the school website it has all the fun activities linked to this week's focus. I'm going to be reading the children the story 'A Squash and a Squeeze' later on this week and I'm going give the animal yoga positions a try!  


Making a Milk Bottle Birdhouse

The children have been at home making Volcanoes, bug habitats, play dough,den building and planting seeds in the garden! Exciting activities well done everyone!

Colouring and Puzzle Fun!

Enjoying Pokemon Yoga!

Fun Things at Home wk 2


Fun Things at Home wk 1

Play Dough Recipe

Other Fun Things

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Jack and the Beanstalk

Term 4


Our topic this term is going to be ‘Traditional tales’, with the focus being on spring and new growth as part of this. Starting with ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ on our return, we’re hoping over the next few weeks to be outside more, planting, growing and watching as our surroundings change into the next season.


We are really excited as part of this topic, to be visiting Sacrewell farm again with Sparkling Stars class.

Term 3


Our theme this term is going to be ‘rain forests’ and we are going to be learning about the animals that live there. Over the coming weeks we will be making our own rain forest along with the animals we learn about.


We also celebrated Chinese New Year with some noodles and "Dragon Dancing"






Christmas Fun

Armistice Day


Bonfire (firework pictures)

Term 2


Our theme this term is going to be ‘celebrations’. When we first come back we will be having a sparkly time with  Bonfire night, followed by Diwali and then leading into Christmas festivities.


Messy Play Faces

Self Portraits

Term 1


Our theme this term is going to be ‘ All about me’ where we get to know you and your families by bringing in lots of pictures. Using the pictures we are then going to build our own family tree in class.  Some activities will include fuzzy felt faces, reflections in the mirror and painting self portraits.


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