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Hello !! 


We are fast approaching half term and a short break from the learning grids but you can still carry on with your home learning! Continue to read either with a parent or on your own. Share your stories with your family and use information books to find out exciting facts to share at the tea table! You can even research the funniest jokes and make your family laugh! 


The focus for the half term activities for the Larks will be the environment and what we can do to save the planet, reduce waste and create a better place for ourselves and others! You work on some projects and be ready to share them with the class on Facebook, the website or when we return to school. 


The weather is lovely and being outside is a positive way to spend your time and improve your mental well being! It is an amazing time to see wildlife, birds and minibeasts as the world is so quiet and so clean at the moment! 


Watch out for the activities for half term ... they are coming soon...smileyyescheeky





Hello again my lovely lock down Larks! 


I really hope that you are all OK and enjoying time with your families! I have been busy with my garden and continue to work on my chairs, knitting and sewing too! At the allotment we spotted a frog and Maria took a picture Check it out - it's a lovely frog! She met a ladybird too! After all the videoing Maria was worn out! 


This week we are making bunting and thinking ahead to next weeks VE celebrations and we are planning our own VE day street party in the garden! Look out next week for VE day activities on the learning log. 


I know that the lock down seems to be lasting a long time but it is important that we are sticking to it and protecting the NHS. I hope you have all managed to create a rainbow for your window too! 


Family updates...


Pocket's foot is all better now and he has returned to his old self! Pippa has found herself a new spot to sleep which Mr Smith is not too happy about because it is on the top of the sofa in the lounge! They both helped me sort through my wool bag which was so helpful! 


Mr Smith got fed up with his hair so Alexa shaved it off with the dog clippers! It's quite an extreme cut! He now has more hair on his chin than his head! 


Maria dyed her hair pink! Let's hope that washes out before UCC opens up again! 


Keep up all your good work and keep practising your reading, spelling and times tables! 

Easter weekend pictures - Pockets and Pippa , Mr Smith fixing the floor, Maria's wall and the rocks lifted by Lyndon!

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