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Set up a feeding table on a balcony or in a garden area. Make sure it is somewhere out of reach of hungry cats. 


Local birds will soon identify your table as a reliable source of food, so don't forget to keep feeding them through the winter. 

Birds love leftovers! 


As well as seeds and nuts, birds are happy to eat most kitchen leftovers. Never let anyone in house throw away any left over food without checking the list first...


cake, biscuits, bread, crumbled cheese, pasta, cooked rice, pastry, bacon rind, old fruit, potatoes, unsalted nuts, fat from meat, bones 


Never give birds salted nuts or desiccated coconut


 Here are some was you can help the birds who live near you ...


Provide your bird pals with something they can use as a bath - birds need to keep their feathers clean to keep warm. Put out an old baking tray or a large pottery bowl and fill it with clean water.


Build a bird a home using large, empty, plastic milk containers or soup cartons with holes the size of an egg cup cut through them. Put some shredded paper or straw inside as bedding. 


Don't use weed killer of pesticides on plants and insects as birds may eat them and become ill. 

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