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If you are interested in becoming a Governor at Brooke Hill Academy Trust, please contact Mr Simon Foulkes, Member and Chair of the Board of Members, via the Trust email address:

A governance structure is in place to ensure the overall aims of the Multi Academy trust are met



Brooke Hill Academy Trust is a Multi Academy Trust with responsibility for three primary academies, Brooke Hill Academy and Edith Weston Academy in Rutland and South Witham Academy in Lincolnshire. The overall aim of the Multi Academy Trust is to ensure all children receive a good quality education through:

  • Provision of a safe and secure learning environment
  • Maintaining standards by challenging and monitoring the performance of the Academies

  • Managing the Academy Trust's finances and property in line with the Funding agreement set out by the Secretary of State for Education

  • Maintain a full complement of teaching and support staff

  • Ensure that the Academies and the Academy Trust comply with both charity and company law.


Members and Trustees

The members of the Board are Members and Trustees of the Trust with ultimate responsibility for performance of the academies in particular:

Members of the Trust :

Mr Simon Foulkes - Member, Chair of Members

Mr Keith Ambrose - Member, Trustee

Dr Sinclair Rogers - Member

Captain Kevin Manson - Member

Mrs Fran Parish - Member


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Trust Members and is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Trust and is directly accountable for the standards and financial management of the Trust and the individual Academies


Trustees of Brooke Hill Academy Trust

Mr Simon Foulkes - Member, Chair of the Trust

Mrs Sharon Milner - Executive Head Teacher

Mrs Kath Rowlands - Trustee

Mrs Sarah Bunker - Trustee

Mr Tim Smith - Trustee / Parent Governor

Mr Richard Haynes - Trustee

Mr Peter Hawker - Trustee

Mrs Beth Chesterfield - Trustee

Rev Iain Osborne - Trustee


Local Governing Bodies

Each Academy in the Trust has a Local Governing Body with responsibility for supporting the management and staff in implementing the overall aims of the Trust. Membership of the local governing bodies is to be made up Head of School, Parents, Staff and Trustees and comprises of between 7 and 9 governors.


Local Governors (Edith Weston Academy)

Mr Richard Haynes - (Chair and Trustee)

Mrs Louise Pettman - Head of School (Edith Weston Academy)

Dr Sinclair Rogers (Member)

Mrs Helen Shepherd (Parent Governor)

Mrs Catherine Marshall (Governor)

Mr Peter Hawker (Trustee)

Mrs Maria Robinson (Support Staff)

Captain Kevin Manson (Member and Governor)

Mrs Penny Rawlings (Teacher Governor)

Mrs Katy Shephard (Teacher Governor)


Clerk to the Trust

Mrs Nicola Tyres


Should you wish to contact Mr Simon Foulkes, Member and Chair of the Board of the Trust at Brooke Hill Academy Trust, please address all correspondence to:
Mr Simon Foulkes, c/o Edith Weston Academy, Weston Road, Edith Weston,Rutland LE15 8HQ or email






Picture 1 Dr Sinclair Rogers (Trustee)
Picture 2 Mrs Catherine Marshall (Governor)
Picture 3 Mrs Helen hepherd (Parent Governor)
Picture 4 Mrs Louise Pettman (Head of School - EWA)
Picture 5 Mr Peter Hawker (Director & DPO)
Picture 6 Mrs Penny Rawlings (Teacher Governor)
Picture 7 Mr Richard Haynes (Trustee & Chair LGB)
Picture 8 Captain Kevin Manson (Member & Parent Governor)
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